Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guest Artists at Spencer Butte Middle School MLK Assembly

We were invited to play and speak at the Spencer Butte Middle School Martin Luther King assembly.  It was to be Jan 9. 2012.  We arrived at 8:00 and quickly got our gear into the gym on the stage where some of the kids were practicing a dance they were going to do.  That middle school atmosphere came rushing back as we've spent many hours in the schools working with kids.  We were greeted warmly, and just felt good about what we were going to do.
After they watched two videos we were on.  Shelley started U2's "Pride, In the Name of Love" and had the crowd enthralled within a few bars.  That song went over really well.  We then sang Bob Marley's "One Love", and were thrilled to see the kids swaying, clapping, and eventually all on their feet singing with us.  The next song was "My Favorite Things".  Then Cal gave a short speech, encouraging the kids to know that they are unique, and no one can put them down.  MLK taught us that if people rise up in a non-violent way, they show their oppressors the err of their ways. He told the students that they can be proud of how they look, what they like, and bring out the best in others.  Each of us has talents and gifts to contribute to the world, and NO ONE can take that away.  There is only one race, the human race!!

We then ended on "It's So All Right", and danced with the kids at the end when we all got together to dance.  We had an amazing time.

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