Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Gear Alert- Hercules Stands

     I want to talk about our love of Hercules stands.  They make guitar stands for electric, and acoustic guitars.  Single and multiple stands, music, and speaker stands, plus stands for horns.  Shelley's brother discovered these in Canada about 10 years ago, brought one down to our house one day, and showed it to us.  It was one of the small portable, fold able stands.  We couldn't believe it.   I have not seen or used another stand that comes even close to the design of Hercules since.  Our Hercules guitar stands go to every gig with us, even if it is at a venue where we know they have gear. 
     There have been a few times when I forgot ours, and ended up miserable dealing with whatever stand we've had to use.  Here's why.  Some stands we've used are the type that have a curvy top to secure the instrument.  But that curve gets in the way then getting the guitar out.  Some stands are really short, with the top of it touching the back of the body of the guitar, but guess what happens?  It can tip over one way or another!   Our Hercules stands, on the other hand, are designed to work with any guitar or bass we have.  It also has an ingenious design of two levers that close in front of the headstock from the weight of the guitar.  As you pick it up, they open, and you've got your axe in hand.  We've had a stand of similar look, yet inferior design that we used to use, but the top part is very narrow.  We also have one of their mini guitar stands which folds down to a minuscule size, yet is very solid, and amazingly strong.
    Shelley's brother bought some speaker stands.  They are brilliant.  You can put the speaker up on the stand at the lowest height, and then use the crank to easily raise it to the height you want.  No more hoisting the stand up and tightening it quickly while someone else keeps the speaker from sliding down on you.  Or, no more raising the stand, then you (crazy) or you and a friend hoist the speaker up on the highest height.
   We love that they take in musician needs in their design.  Portability, fingers don't get pinched, they look great, and they are very durable.   Look on their website http://www.herculesstands.com/ to see the extensive array of choices they have from guitar stands, singles and multiples, to horns, music, mic, and speaker stands.  Happy gigging for y'all!!

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