Monday, January 30, 2012

This Is Why We Love to Do Worship At Church. This is Why We Love Church

We know and understand that lot's of you don't have the best of feelings about church.  Many have had funky experiences with people which have hurt us, made us feel judged, pushed out or rejected.  This is the cunning scheme of the enemy to keep us from having fellowship with each other in the context of church.  So we all must try as hard as we can to recover from hurts, and find a body where we can connect so we can continue to thrive on the vine and be ingrafted into the family of Christ.  This is essential for our growth and kingdom life God wants us to have.  Below is a post on our church group, and illustrates that we are so grateful to keep hanging in there through thick and thin so we can bless each other in the joy of the Lord:

    From Nancy LaLande:
You all were AMAZING and truly AWESOME today!  I felt the presence of the Lord very strongly during 1st service…  And Jeff you looked so at peace today during worship…  almost as if you were floating on air : )

I am so grateful to Shelley and Cal for telling us about ECF almost 10 years ago!!

Loving you all!!!

Thanks for all you do….


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