Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Nights

I was holding Eva after reading her a nighttime book and gazed into the ocean painted on her wall.  Then I thought about the two boys who just lost their lives in the ocean right by our favorite spot on the coast.  We've written many songs there, waked the trail, loved each other, lived.  But tonight, tears came flowing as I thought of the parents who may never be able to look at the water the same.  They held their boys like I was holding Eva, and life threw them a wicked curve.  I pray for the comfort of everyone deeply affected by their loss.  I hope for many guardian angels to hold them close.  

So I wrote this poem for Eva.

Some Nights

Some nights
I hold you a little longer than others
You are asleep, your innocence in my arms

Some nights,
I feel a little deeper
I kiss your cheeks
And lips all sweet and warm

Some nights
I linger a little longer
And love the baby stuff in your room

Some nights
I care too much
And cry knowing it will end too soon

But tonight
I cherish the moment
Memories safely tucked away

I'll never forsake
That you are a miracle
So I'll love you with all my soul today

Much love for Conner & Jack



  1. Oh Cal, Shelley and Eva! what a beautiful poem...i'm right there with you..i blink my eyes and my little Jacob loses a little bit of baby everyday! you are all three beautiful people inside and to ya!