Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jamming a Friend Goodbye - Mo'Fessor - A Night of Musicians Send Mo' to Hawaii

     Our good friend and fellow musician Maurice "Mo'Fessor" McConnell decided to move to Hawaii with his sweet wife Karen a few months ago.  His departure date was to be Jan 11., so at the time I write this, they are there already.
      Mo played in Satin Love Orchestra for 4 years I think.  We were in LA when he joined, so I'd have to check with one of the other band-mates for accuracy of when he started.  But he was a great member of the group, such a gentle soul, and a terrifically talented musician.  We will miss him in the band, and wish he and Karen all the best on their new adventure.
      On Wed, Jan 5 a bunch of musicians got together at Diablo's in Eugene to 'jam' him farewell.  He was on keys, and super drummer Tim Donahue was holding down the throne all night.  Sax great Paul Biondi was the glue helping organize the musicians, and jamming with the different groups as well.  
     He started at 8pm with some great blues musicians.  His mates from Mr. Wizard got up a bit later and cranked out some killer rock and funk including the funkiest version of "Brick House" I've ever heard.  Me, Shelley, Joe Weber, and Rica Wright joined him for a few Satin Love tunes, then his friends from Frown Squad got up to rip out a few of their covers.  We finally had to leave at 11, and I could tell that Mo was gonna be playing for quite a while longer.  He still had his brothers to come up, plus numerous other musicians in the cue wanting to join him for one last note with the guy.  In the meantime, a whole bunch of dancers from a club weaved all over the dancefloor, loving the night of great music they were getting to absorb.
      It is obvious that Mo's sweet spirit, and talent have gained him so many good friends from the way that place was packed that night.  I felt so good for him to see the fruits of his kindness and abilities to mold himself to so many musical situations.

We love you Mo!!!!
Shelley & Cal

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