Friday, December 17, 2010

Menu from Heidi Tunnell Catering at Christmas House Party

We blogged about the food at the Overman Christmas party.  Here's the menu by


Brandied Apple and House Cured Bacon
house made crostini, brandy seared apples, house cured bacon, apple butter

Vegetable Chips with Beet and Goat Cheese
house fried vegetable chips, beet, goat cheese, roasted pistachio rillette

Panini with Cheese and Apple
bite size panini with sharp Tillamook cheddar, apple, whole grain mustard

House Made Pretzel Bites
ham and cheese stuffed, soft, fresh pretzel bites, whole grain mustard for dipping

Smoked Chicken and Hazelnut Roll
whiskey smoked chicken salad, herbs, on brioche roll, hazelnuts

Dips and Spreads
pumpkin-goat cheese spread, roasted pear-blue cheese, white bean-roasted garlic
crackers, house baked artisan breads

Local Cheese Platter
Oregon and Northwest cheeses, assorted breads, crackers, dried fruits

Hot Apple Cider
whipped cream, caramel sauce

Fabada Austuriana Spanish Bean Stew
White Beans, Bacon, Chorizo, Saffron Served in Small Cups

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